Area 1: Co-University


"Knowledge is a building that we build together.
Let's think about what each of us can contribute!"

EN: The »Co-University-Space« supports co-operation with universities, colleges and private educational institutions in the context of educational events such as lectures, lectures and workshops. The focus of the commitment is to support local universities, colleges and educational institutions, for example by outsourcing certain lectures and projects.

ES: El »Co-Universidad-Espacio« apoya la cooperación con universidades, colegios e instituciones educativas privadas en el contexto de eventos educativos tales como conferencias, conferencias y talleres. El compromiso se centra en el apoyo a las universidades, colegios e instituciones educativas locales, por ejemplo, mediante la contratación externa de determinadas conferencias y proyectos.

IntPol: Lecture Program

Academic year: 01.07.2023 - 30.06.2024

University Work

> General overview of the lectures (lecture catalog) [+]

> Panorama general de las conferencias (catálogo de conferencias): [+]

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