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>> Vorbemerkung:
Die wissenschaftliche Arbeit und forschende Lehre bezieht sich auf Artikel 5 GG der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

>> Preliminary remark:
Scientific work and research education refers to Artikel 5 GG of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • // Research Focus //

+ Chinese Policy and Development
+ The Belt and Road Initiative
+ Security Policy and Foreign Policy
+ Military
+ Diplomatic History and Developement
+ European History and Development
+ West-East-Relations in the 21st Century

> RESEARCH Interests
+ International Political Science
+ International Relations
+ Geopolitics

+ Game Theory an the the Butterfly-Effect

Europe, Iran, China, Russia

Middle East, South China Sea and East China Sea, Russian Eurasian Plate

  • // Research Cluster //

// Units

// Projects

// Studies


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