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"Nothing is more important for a scientist and researcher than his freedom and the freedom of his mind!"

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+ + + + Merry Christmas + + + +

From the pen of Otto von Bismarck comes the following quote:
“Let us not fall into the mistake of doubting either the intellect or the good will of every person who thinks otherwise!”
With this in mind, we wish you a Merry Christmas and for the New Year health, success and personal well-being.

Welcome - bienvenido

WALZ - Wissenschaft & Lehre is committed to an international Knowhow-Transfer from almost all important sectors of international politics, economy, education, research and science.

WALZ - Wissenschaft & Lehre está comprometida con la transferencia internacional de conocimientos de casi todas las áreas importantes de la política internacional, la economía, la educación, la investigación y la ciencia.

WALZ - Wissenschaft & Lehre collects, analyzes and processes global knowledge. This knowledge is processed and transferred individually through scientific projects.

WALZ - Wissenschaft & Lehre recopila, analiza y procesa el conocimiento global. Estos conocimientos se procesan y transmiten individualmente en proyectos científicos.

"We look behind the statements, question things critically and stick to the Principle of lhe Long Lines!"

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