A.I.P.S. - Project Chronos


EN: This project is structured in three stages. The first stage deals with important personalities as well as important events in world history. From Homer’s "Ilias" to the present day. The second stage analyses these personalities and events and transforms them into an international political framework. The third stage shows the consequences, reflects the events of the past into our century and shows the importance and consequences for today’s (international) politics.

ES: Este proyecto se estructura en tres fases. La primera etapa trata de personalidades importantes así como acontecimientos importantes en la historia del mundo. Desde las "Ilias" de Homero hasta nuestros días. La segunda fase analiza estas personalidades y acontecimientos y los transforma en un marco político internacional. La tercera etapa muestra las consecuencias, refleja los acontecimientos del pasado en nuestro siglo y muestra la importancia y las consecuencias para la política actual (internacional).

Here are some examples:

- Ferdinand Magellan and his early death (1521)
- Maximilian von und zu Trauttmansdorf and his involvement in the
- Peace of Westphalia (1648)
- Immanuel Kant and his work "To Eternal Peace"
- Clemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich and
- the Vienna Congress (1814/1815)
- The Crimean War (1853 -1856)
- The Monroe-Doktrin and the Supplement by President Theodore Roosevelt, jr.
... and many other personalities and events.

He aquí algunos ejemplos:

- Fernando de Magallanes y su temprana muerte (1521)
- Maximilian von und zu Trauttmansdorf y su participación en la
- Paz de Westfalia (1648)
- Immanuel Kant y su obra "Hacia la Paz Eterna"
- Clemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich y
- el Congreso de Viena (1814/1815)
- La Guerra de Crimea (1853-1856)
- El Monroe-Doktrin y el Suplemento del presidente Theodore Roosevelt, jr.
... y muchas otras personalidades y eventos.


A: Project goal
The active use of historical events and processes, in the implementation of political decisions on a national and primarily international level.political knowledge, especially

B: Hypothesis of this project

Knowledge and understanding of political events from history (past) as well as free, unconditional and truth-oriented analysis make it possible to understand contemporary decisions on current challenges on the national and international stage and to link them in their historical context. This is of enormous importance for initiating current and future national and international decision-making processes in society and politics. It also helps to avoid wrong decisions and to secure and promote acceptance and understanding of democratic and free choices.

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